Wednesday, 14 January, 2009

Indian IB offers fresh contracts to retired spies

By Iftikhar Gilani

NEW DELHI: Facing a shortage of spies, India’s Intelligence Bureau has offered its retired officers who are less than the age of 65, to rejoin on contract.

Sources in the intelligence agency said letters were being dispatched for the old hands’ recruitment after getting clearance from the Personnel and Training Department, which was the administrative setup for the agency. The offer had already been made to some 300 retired officials ranging from the rank of inspector to the level of deputy directors or branch heads.

The move was initiated primarily to augment the agency’s capacity on an urgent basis, keeping in view the urgent manpower requirement to meet the ever-growing terrorist activities in the country, the sources said. The retired agents were approached to make use of their experience, particularly in training fresh recruits, the sources said.

They said the IB was being criticised since last month’s terrorist attacks in Mumbai and the government had now determined that the agency was short of the manpower to shoulder the kind of responsibility it should. 3,500 posts were vacant. The government ordered not only to fill these posts but also sanctioned the creation of 1,500 additional posts, the sources added.


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