Sunday, 11 January, 2009

Famous indian spy cases

* Coomar Narain case On January 17, 1985, the police arrested Coomar Narain, regional manager of a firm supplying marine engines in collaboration with European companies. An ex-employee of the department of economic affairs, he used contacts there to get information.

* Samba case Between August 24, 1978 and January 23, 1979, 50-odd persons who had worked in the 168 Infantry Brigade at Samba were arrested for spying for Pakistan at the instance of two self-confessed Pakistani spies who worked as gunners in the Indian Army — Sarwan Dass, Aya Singh. In December 1994, Dass admitted he had falsely implicated the men.

* ISRO case Two Maldivian women spied on India’s space secrets on behalf of the ISI. A whole bunch of Indian scientists, police and defence officials were selling out for their money and charms.

* Subba Row case A naval scientist, he was arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle secrets on the Indian submarine project out to the West.

* Larkins brothers case On November 18, 1983, FD Larkins was caught passing military documents to an American. KH Larkins was arrested the next day. Lt-Colonel (retired) Jasbir Singh and arms dealer Jaspal Singh Gill faced similar charges. Later, the High Court acquitted Gill and Singh.

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