Sunday, 25 January, 2009

2 US spys' arrested by Georgian intelligence

January 24/2009
The Georgian Ministry of Interior announced Friday arrest of two citizens - Grigor Minasyan and Sargis Hakobjanyan - accused of formation of illegal armed unit and espionage.

A criminal case in compliance with articles 18.1, 223.1 and 314 of the Georgian Penal Code was initiated. The investigation is led by intelligence agency of the Interior Ministry.

Georgian law enforced detained director of Armenian youth center Grigor Minasyan in Samtskhe Javakheti on January 22. They rushed into the center, collected cell phones, some books and computer data carriers.

On the same day, Sargis Hakobjanyan was arrested.

The search in their flats produced no result. The Armenians were transported to Tbilisi, reports.


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