Thursday, 25 December, 2008

Pak exposed: No Indians involved in blast

Claiming responsibility of Wednesdays blast and the earlier rocket attacks on Dera Ismail Khan, a pro-Taliban group Ansar Wa Mohajir has nailed Pakistans lies that they have arrested an Indian spy for the blasts.

A woman was killed and four persons were injured when a car bomb went off in a high-security residential complex for government officials in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore on December 24.

In the backdrop of the Mumbai terror attacks and growing international pressure on Pakistan to arrest the perpetrators of the carnage, Islamabad had claimed to have arrested an Indian national in connection with yesterdays bomb blast in Lahore, a move however denied by local police officials.

Toofan Wazir, identifying himself as a commander and spokesman of the group, phoned various media houses in Pakistan from North Waziristan to claim responsibility for the two attacks. He has also threatened more attacks against the security forces and the government installations to avenge the two recent US missile strikes in North Waziristan.

He said revenge would be taken from both the Americans and the Pakistan Government. Toofan Wazir, which doesn’t appear to be his real name, claimed his men were Ansar who hosted the Mohajir or refugees who had come from different countries and also from places in Pakistan to find refuge in Waziristan. He said the group was committed to protect the foreigners who were the guests of local tribesmen.

What Pak said:

Intelligence agencies late Wednesday arrested an Indian secret agent and two others who were allegedly involved in the blast of GOR area in Lahore on Wednesday morning, Quoting Pakistani officials, the Pakistan media had reported that the one detained was identified as Sutish Anand Sharma a resident of Indian city Calcutta.

While confessing his hand in GOR blast, he also disclosed about his other three associates hiding somewhere in Pakistan, Pakistan police had told its media. Police have recovered three fake national identity cards, three letters and other explosive material and devices from his possession.

Agencies arrested him from GOR Lahore by tracing and tapping his telephone calls, added agency sources. Police sources said that Indian held terrorist was a former employee of Indian High Commission in London and was currently living in Pakistan in disguise of Muneer.

In course of preliminary investigation, the heinous Indian terrorist informed that he along with his other associates were also plotting to strike terrorist attacks on innocent Christians on the eve of Christmas in different cities of Punjab. Now what?

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