Friday, 26 December, 2008

High-End Laser Powered Hidden Camera Hunter, Stealth Hawk! No Spy Covert Camera can hide

Stealth Hawk: Spy hidden camera finder, Stealth Hawk! it detects the camera lens of any wired or wireless camera.

Dec 26, 2008 –Nothing can hide from the most powerful laser camera detector on the market today, Stealth Hawk! No special training required. Plug-n-Play! This Stealth Hawk will find more hidden cameras with less false results and greater accuracy than any other product on the market today.

Have you ever concerned that you and your loved ones have been spied with hidden covert cameras in bathrooms, hotel rooms, fitting rooms, and in your own bed room. This revolutionary Stealth Hawk is considered as a Must-Have Gadget for police, private investigators, security professionals, or virtually anyone that wants privacy assurance.

This amazing device can detect the lens of any wired or wireless camera and the most powerful spy finder camera detector ever made on the market today. EZspyCam introduces the High-End Premium Laser Powered Hidden Camera locator, the Stealth Hawk.

Two high-power alternately pulsating lasers scan for camera lenses up to 80ft. away. Hidden cameras are easily and quickly located and viewed as bright flashing red lights by simply looking into the 3X magnified, focus adjustable, optical glass view port. Due to laser frequencies focused on camera lens reflectivity, "false" alerts are virtually eliminated.

The Stealth Hawk locates all kinds of cameras, including pinhole cameras, coverts cameras that are having a hidden video camera inside objects such as clock radios, smoke detectors, PIR sensors, Lamp stands, etc. Simply turn the unit on, look through the adjustable viewfinder, scan area and any hidden cameras with a lens that are found will be viewed as a twinkling red light it’s that simple!

How to use:

1. Place batteries in the device and switch on.

2. Simply look through viewfinder and hidden bugs are viewed as bright flashing red lights.

3. Find hidden cameras up to 80 Feet away and in daylight.


1. Detects all wired or wireless cameras with naked eyes

2. Laser frequencies focused on detecting the camera lens reflectivity

3. Easy to use and takes only 1 min to scan one room size about 650 sq. ft.

4. View finder can zoom in 3 times and focus adjustable.

5. Operated w/ 4x AAA batteries and can use up to 12 hours continually.


Locater: Dual High Power Laser Frequency LEDs
Waveband: 920mm
Viewport: 4X Adjustable Focus Optical Glass
Laser detecting range of wired cameras (self-shoot): 3ft – 65ft
Detecting range of Wireless Cameras (RF device): 1.5ft – 80ft
Power supply: 1.5V AAA battery x4 Up to 12 hours of continuous use.
Viewing Lens: IR filtered lens
Work mode: Left and right laser, searching
Current consumption: 80mA
Size: 101x52x33mm
Weight: 125g

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